Last night on American Idol, country singer Skylar Lane (not to be confused with songwriter/singer Skylar Grey) was sent packing, leaving just four contestants remaining in the popular singing competition. As of this morning, here are the number of Twitter followers each of the remaining contestants has:

  1. Jessica Sanchez: 271,178
  2. Phillip Phillips 251,633
  3. Holly Cavanagh 86,598
  4. Joshua Ledet: 79,399

Looks to us like a two-person race.

Many Twitter users are surprised Cavanagh has lasted this long:!/HolyFoolErik/status/198275867057729537!/jelitodeleon/status/198351965120495616!/bradkish/status/198274644409724929

Some detect an effort by the judges to promote Ledet:!/jpodhoretz/status/197869785801957376!/SarahMaeyer/status/198355581365534721

He has fewer Twitter followers than the others, but is a phenomenally talented singer:!/ShannonElizab/status/197918986145505280!/juliannehough/status/197905986625880064!/CherylBurke/status/197927158864285696

It’s pretty clear why Phillips is doing so well (hint: it’s not his vocal abilities):!/aiaaaa/status/198357129395044352!/juliannehough/status/197898067435978753

Overall, however, it is Sanchez who is emerging as Twitter’s favorite.!/ColbieCaillat/status/198270713759678466!/hollyrpeete/status/197874947236954113

The titles of the songs she covers, such as “You Are So Beautiful,” have become trending topics on Twitter — an indication of her strong fan support.

If she has any vulnerability, it is this:!/samantharonson/status/198277973210705920