Star Jones, former host of The View, had lunch with Beverly Bond, DJ and founder of Black Girls Rock!, about “the image of women of color in the media.”

Shortly after the lunch, she posted these tweets:!/StarJonesEsq/status/194898103898341376!/StarJonesEsq/status/194898874291326976!/StarJonesEsq/status/194900104522629121!/StarJonesEsq/status/194900481372463104!/StarJonesEsq/status/194900659261280256!/StarJonesEsq/status/194904587931619329!/StarJonesEsq/status/194905047644110848!/StarJonesEsq/status/194905765067231233!/StarJonesEsq/status/194907610707804160

Ms. Jones’ tweets echo Bill Cosby’s famous “Pound Cake” speech to the NAACP in 2004, calling for blacks to hold themselves and their children accountable for their actions. It’s refreshing to hear any celebrity speak such common sense (but sad that it’s so newsworthy and remarkable).

Personal responsibility and integrity are objectives we should all strive for, and kudos to Jones for spreading such an important message.

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