This is what comes up when you visit Jose Canseco’s Twitter page:

And this was the reaction on Twitter:

For posterity, we’re posting a screencap of Canseco’s final tweet:

It’s almost too much to bear:!/Chip_Buck/status/194867832624922624!/BennyCL/status/194867772285648898!/sharapovasthigh/status/194861162846879744!/Clownballoon/status/194868418342694913!/theSportJesters/status/194868437246418944

Nicki Minaj came back.  Hopefully Canseco will too.


Praise Jeebus, he has come back to us!!/JoseCanseco/status/194911123080876032

Tricksy aliens … José, don’t you scare us like that again!!/JoseCanseco/status/194911528812691456!/JoseCanseco/status/194912037804048385

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