In one corner, author/commentator Touré argues that the Secret Service prostitution scandal is being blown out of proportion by the media in order to make President Obama look bad:!/Toure/status/191590987880083457!/Toure/status/191590235711348738!/Toure/status/191583975410634754!/Toure/status/191587487049723904

And in the other corner, CNN commentator Roland S. Martin says it’s a bona fide story with serious security implications:!/rolandsmartin/status/191584232991232000!/rolandsmartin/status/191586520761761793!/rolandsmartin/status/191591381460987905!/rolandsmartin/status/191592431643406337!/rolandsmartin/status/191590200319815682

Good for Martin. We imagine that Touré might be singing quite a different tune if the scandal had happened under a GOP administration. No?