The two users above retweeted two of Minaj’s last tweets before she deleted her account Sunday evening.

Here is what comes up when we try to access her Twitter page:

According to several unconfirmed reports,  Minaj was angry at a fan site that posted leaked music.

Prior to the deletion, 11 million people followed Minaj’s Twitter feed.  According to Twitaholic, Minaj was the 12th most-followed person on Twitter.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed. Some urged Minaj to return to Twitter while others mocked her:!/RESPECTmyRUNWAY/status/191707968734101505!/anthonyHoover7/status/191719606845587456!/XoMyOnika/status/191719356646952962!/Md_Badboy/status/191697060397985793