At :50 in the video, U.S. Senate candidate Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s attorney general, accuses his GOP primary opponent Don Stenberg of engaging in  “weird” and “creepy” behavior by trying to follow Bruning’s 14-year-old daughter on Twitter:

Let me ask you this, Don. This Sunday, my daughter walks in, and she says, “Don Stenberg’s trying to follow me on Twitter.” My daughter’s 14 years old. Now you tell me — I’d like to know, why does a 62-year-old man want to follow a 14-year-old girl on Twitter? I’d really like to know. She said, “Dad, that’s kind of creepy.”

Stenberg, Nebraska’s state treasurer, replied that he does not manage his own Twitter account: “Dan Parsons does it for me. We’ve got thousands and thousands of folks, and as soon as we get done here, I’ll call Dan and make sure that’s taken off. I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Erick Erickson at RedState notes:

I thought he was just going to say Stenberg was guilty of dragging his family into the race as a way to dig up dirt. But no. Bruning said it was “weird” and “creepy” for a “62-year-old man” to follow a “14-year-old girl” on Twitter. Of course Don Stenberg doesn’t manage his Twitter account and campaigns typically follow lots of people they don’t know and even follow their opponents’ families’ twitter accounts. But Bruning, who I bet does not manage his own twitter account, claimed Stenberg’s campaign tried to follow Bruning’s daughter as evidence that Stenberg is a pedophile.

The website Nebraska Watchdog reports that Bruning himself follows several teenage girls on Twitter, including a 16-year old homeschooled girl.  Twitchy and others have noticed that Bruning also follows a 17-year old boy who is a high school junior.!/MDunnDunnDunn/status/187728715021692928