This evening, mega pop star Nicki Minaj called the Target store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, to inquire about her upcoming album, Pink FridayRoman Reloaded, which is due to be released on April 3.  The clerk with whom she spoke provided incorrect information about the albumrefused to provide his name, then hung up on her. Minaj was understandably upset. She subsequently started a new hashtag, #RaggedyBoyatTarget, and urged her 10 million+ followers to “find me dat”:!/NICKIMINAJ/status/185873125324492800

Her fans have been happy to help, and Minaj has been happy to egg them on:!/NICKIMINAJ/status/185874628584017920!/NICKIMINAJ/status/185875250381209600!/NICKIMINAJ/status/185875966449553409!/Drag4Nic/status/185876754798354434

A few fans, however, seem to be going a bit overboard:!/KeriMinaj91/status/185890820300357632!/AMAzing_Nika/status/185876672967487488

Twitter moves fast. A Minaj fan has recorded a rap demanding answers from Target.!/NICKIMINAJ/status/185932611770777601