On March 26, the above post appeared on OneRepublic’s twitter feed. Trayvon Martin was 17 years old, not 14, but the reference was perfectly clear.

We thought it noteworthy. As far as we know, OneRepublic seldom espouses political views, and the band’s hometown — Colorado Springs — is hardly a hotbed of left-wing activism.

Moreover, whoever posted that tweet seemed misinformed as to the basic facts of the case.

We posted about the tweet this morning at 8:58 am ET, and preserved it for posterity.

At some point today, the above tweet was removed from OneRepublic’s Twitter timeline. As of 7 pm ET March 28, this is what comes up where the Tweet used to be:

On March 26, OneRepublic stated that its Twitter account had been hacked:


So some have speculated that the hacker posted the Arrest Zimmerman tweet.

However, if that is the case, it seems odd that OneRepublic would wait two days to remove the tweet.

If we solve the mystery, we’ll let you know.

Update: the Arrest Zimmerman tweet appeared on March 26 at 4:43 pm UTC. The “we were hacked” tweet appeared 16 minutes earlier — at 4:27 pm UTC.  If OneRepublic secured its account upon learning that it was hacked, the hacker could not have been responsible for the Arrest Zimmerman tweet.

Hey guys: It’s too late to apologize.


Note: this post was originally posted at 8:58 am ET. We updated the timestamp after revising the post substantially in light of new developments.