The NY Post reports that America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel is irked by all the attention that Howard Stern is getting:

“Howie is the new Randy Jackson,” one source close to the show said — comparing the roles on “AGT” to the original “American Idol” lineup — whereas Stern is Simon Cowell.

A fan who went to the Austin taping to see Stern wrote online, “The Howard fans were a blessing and a curse for the taping . . . There were so many people carrying signs with Howard’s catchphrases. When Howard came in, I can’t even tell you how long the cheering and chanting went on. ‘Howard! Howard!’ They couldn’t get the crowd to stop.”

She added, “It was like The Beatles when he got out of the car….”

Mandel said through a rep: “I love Howard, and his fans are phenomenal. The only real negative about working with him is that my wife now yells ‘baba booey’ in bed during sex.”

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