launched nine days ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed by your readership and positive response. Our motto is: “If it’s news, we’re on it. If it should be news we’re ahead of it.” And the Twitchy team has delivered. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our top scoops:

  • At 3:01 am ET on the morning of our launch, March 7, Twitchy posted this story about the Joseph Kony viral video. Huffpo followed at 9:41 am, Washington Post at 11:49 am, and CNN at 1:03 pm. This story has received widespread MSM coverage in the days since.
  • Yesterday at 11:02 am ET, Twitchy posted about the twitter spat between football players Jeremy Shockey and Amani Toomer.  The Star-Ledger was on the story just five minutes later, at 11:07 am. AOL Sporting News had it at 11:19 am. Yahoo! Sports followed up at 11:38 am.
  • Yesterday, Twitchy posted this story at 1:25 pm ET about DeSean Jackson’s guarantee that his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, will win the Super Bowl within the next five years. The Philadelphia Inquirer followed at 2:05 pm, CBS Sports  at 6:40 pm, USA Today late last night.

Twitchy has published many stories that have been completely overlooked by the MSM:

  • this story about Cher’s Twitter rampage, which resulted in our first Drudge link;
  • this story about Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley’s mis-tweets;
  • this story about the #DJBreitbart tweet-a-thon;
  • this story about Twitter user @Mermaz’s research into CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien’s Derrick Bell love tweets;
  • various hashtag roundups (see, for example, here, here, here, and here);
  • and many more!

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