Chances are that’s a #FreePalestine tweet that won’t be deleted.

Gavin Polone is the Emmy-nominated Hollywood producer known for projects that include “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Twisted,” “Panic Room,” and “Zombieland.”

In a 2012 ReasonTV interview, Polone, who described himself as “more libertarian than anything else,” offered a glimpse of his views on foreign policy:

I just think our policy towards Israel is absolutely inconsistent with our policy towards other countries. They’re a nuclear power and then we try to get Pakistan or North Korea to give up their nukes or we have sanctions against Iran for developing nuclear weapons and then Israel has 200 nuclear weapons. That doesn’t make sense. Why are we doing this? And then I point out it’s because small groups of people who are pro-Israel are giving huge amounts of money to our corrupt legislators. And, you know, you say that, and then what happens? Then you wait. People still make my movies.

In addition to tweeting the #FreePalestine hashtag, Polone had this Twitter exchange in which he put his Israel Derangement Syndrome on full display.

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