Carolina Guerra is best known in the United States for her supporting role on the Starz series “Da Vinci’s Demons.” In Colombia, the model and actress is recognized as a telenovela star and host of “Colombia’s Next Top Model.”

Oh, and she’s yet another celeb hoping the #FreePalestine hashtag will get her name in the headlines. But unlike Rihanna, Dwight Howard and the other tweet-and-delete #FreePalestine cheerleaders, Guerra decided to add that Orthodox Jews would rather go to jail than support eeeeeevil “genocidal” Zionism.


Here’s the English-language text in the image she tweeted:

FREE PALESTINE. No more occupation. The picture below blew my mind, it shows true Judaism is not represented by the state of Israel. Orthodox Jews would proudly go to jail rather than practicing Zionism. This slow genocide MUST STOP.

Guerra also retweeted this:

A little reading for Ms. Guerra:

‘The shame is entirely on Hamas’: Actor Mark Pellegrino schools the ‘blame Israel’ crowd


Guerra quietly deleted her tweet, but Twitchy is forever.

Editor’s note: We have updated this post to include a copy of the image Ms. Guerra deleted.

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