It’s true. In many areas of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham yard signs are all over the place. Two of Twitchy’s editors have witnessed the unfortunate proliferation of Team Graham signs in recent weeks, as have many others.

With the GOP primary challengers failing to make a real splash and Sen. Graham maintaining a huge cash advantage, many are predicting he’ll have little trouble getting more than 50 percent of today’s vote to avoid a runoff.

The lying crapweasel and slimy speech-stomper is selling himself as a “conservative leader.” With a straight face.

Judging by the poll numbers, voters in South Carolina are ready to buy what he’s selling.

Serious challengers or not, what’s up with all the public support for a guy who was censured by “nine different local Republican Party groups” in recent years? How long do we have to wait for censure at the voting booth?

Get your freaking act together, South Carolina.