In case you missed it, here’s the tweet suggesting Pope Francis loves male “booty” that was retweeted by Rev. Jesse Jackson or someone in control of his Twitter account.

Jackson expressed his hope “that no one could have believed this was my belief” and suggested a hacker might have taken over his account. As Twitchy noted, in the past, he has tweeted praise for the pope, so it’s possible he’s about ready to “cut someone’s nuts out.”

On Friday morning, Jackson maintained that the booty retweet did not reflect his position and he really hopes y’all will zip it.

Just a thought: perhaps people would be more inclined to pipe down if Jackson would just undo the retweet (as he promised he would earlier this week).

It was retweeted on Saturday and it can still be found by scrolling back through his tweets. Our gift to you, Rev. Jackson: the button you’re looking for is here. We hope the red arrow is big enough!


But back to today’s tweets and Jackson’s growing record of Twitter screw-ups. Read this one carefully — the person who tweeted it didn’t.

Not helping, Rev.

The latest from Jackson (or his hacker):

And then maybe get rid of the retweet if you don’t endorse the message?


Apparently the big red arrow was big and red enough.


Jesse Jackson swears retweet doesn’t mean he thinks ‘half dead’ pope loves male ‘booty’