“Obama phone” and “Antwane” trended on Twitter this week as MTV aired “Antwane and Tony,” an episode of the reality show “Catfish.”


Here’s the deal: The tale of “Antwane and Tony” started three years ago when they met on an old-school telephone chat line. Their relationship took place via phone calls and Antwane said he had never even seen a picture of Tony. Antwane blamed his “Obamaphone.” It’s a “low-income phone,” he explained, “so you can’t do nothing with them but talk.”

Freaky spoilers ahead.


Well, not exactly. You see, “Tony” was actually Carmen, Antwane’s cousin. His cousin. She’s the one who got in touch with the “Catfish” producers to express her oh-so-genuine concern about this “Tony” creep.

OK, so maybe this episode really highlighted the horror of having Carmen in your life. She admitted she catfishes people all the time.


Lesson learned?


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