On Friday, RedState editor and radio host Erick Erickson moderated The Family Leader’s U.S. Senate Family Forum in Iowa. The Iowa Democratic Party developed a case of the sads and sent a super-impressive group of protesters that numbered in the ones.

The Iowa Dems released this statement:

“It’s shameful that instead of standing up to intolerance tonight, Republicans all chose to stand on stage with it,” said IDP Chairman Scott Brennan. “Erick Erickson represents the fringe of the Republican Party that thrives on fear, ignorance and obstructionism, but that’s the exact type of Senator these Republicans want to be. The GOP candidates have now moved so far to the right, it’s hard for Iowa’s working families to even see them anymore.”

It looks like Erickson will manage to recover from that devastating blow:

Bless their hearts. The Iowa Dems shared that photo on purpose.

Thanks, Iowa Dems!