Politics aside, William Shatner is a fun guy to follow on Twitter and his tweets have been featured at Twitchy many times. But the “Star Trek” actor and Priceline pitchman embraced the ridiculous this week.

His first mistake was joining the despicable Jesse Ventura on his show. Then Shatner told Ventura he liked Hillary Clinton for president because she’s a uniter.

When Shatner took some heat for his endorsement, he agreed with the suggestion that people should have realized he was a lib because of his famous “Star Trek” kiss with Nichelle Nichols.

Good point?

Yes, what do interracial relationships have to do with being liberal? It was oh-so-tolerant liberals who attacked actress Tamera Mowry-Housley for her interracial marriage to Fox News journo Adam Housley. And let’s not forget the enlightened progressive MSNBC panel that mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson’s race. There’s plenty of stomach-turning racism spewed by so-called liberals, so let’s not pretend the Left is the exclusive home of tolerance and embrace of diversity.

Perhaps Shatner will rethink his tweet after taking a look at the beautiful, diverse family photos that flooded the #MyRightWingBiracialFamily hashtag earlier this year.