So much for that hope. According to those people, Ellen DeGeneres has a taste for carbonated apartheid.

The A-list talk show host celebrated Earth Day by sending her audience home with SodaStream machines, gadgets that allow fizzy-drink fans make their own bubbly beverages.

SodaStream, headquartered in Israel, has a West Bank manufacturing facility and is the ongoing target of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

Earlier this year, film star Scarlett Johansson found herself on the BDS enemies list after she appeared in SodaStream’s Super Bowl ad. The actress stuck with SodaStream. Will Ellen stand up to the BDS bullies shrieking about her “promotion of apartheid” and “contempt for human rights”?

A “defender of Israel”? How dare she support what’s right?

Of 1,300 employees at the West Bank SodaStream factory, 500 are reportedly Palestinian.