Vaccines for your kids? As if. “Clueless” actress Alicia Silverstone prefers “feeding her two-year-old son a plant-based diet instead of getting him vaccinated,” according to The Daily Mail.

Silverstone is promoting her new parenting book, “The Kind Mama,” and re-entered the vaccine debate on Team Jenny McCarthy. Because one Jenny McCarthy wasn’t enough.

She reportedly cites “increasing anecdotal evidence” (Science!) that friends’ babies were “drastically affected” and “never the same” after receiving vaccines. She recommends an “immune-boosting miso soup” for children and says that because her son’s body “is a super-clean, healthy machine it can defend itself and flush out all the nasty stuff much more quickly than a baby whose diet isn’t as kind.”

She’s also been known to pre-chew her son’s food.

The science is settled: