In March, Subaru of Wichita smacked down a deceptive union banner with a brilliant and creative sign of its own.

When Carpenters Local 201 had its protesters reposition their sign, the dealership cleverly thwarted the union shakedown attempt with a bit of strategically placed punctuation. The union was bested a third time when Subaru of Wichita turned “Excessive Shocker Spirit” into a delightfully kick-ass March Madness win.

Pitifully outmatched, the union bullies haven’t quite figured out how to arm themselves in this battle of wits. Time for round 4? Yes, please.

The union protesters relocated their banner again, inspiring Team Subaru to throw a dance party.

All this banner repositioning feels a lot like dancing. So, what better way to join the fun than with a musical pop n’lock ballet Google Glass extravaganza?

Just watch and grin:

Partial lyrics via the Subaru of Wichita YouTube channel:

So all was going well at Subaru
Despite the presence of you know who
They’ve been over in the corner just minding their manners
And finally they decided to move their banner

But it’s a beautiful day with blue, blue skies
So pardon our enthusiasm when we reply
If they want to dance we will join in
They’re gonna get us on FoxNews again

All we really wanna do is sell cars
But we don’t mind being YouTube stars
So for all the people watching turn the volume up
As Subaru of Wichita shows you what’s up….

Winner of this dance-off? Subaru of Wichita and marketing manager Aaron Wirtz. Again.

Ride home happy!