Actor Mark Pellegrino currently costars in “The Tomorrow People” and is most recognized for his roles as Jacob on “Lost,” Bishop on “Being Human” and Lucifer on “Supernatural.” He’s also a rarity in the entertainment industry: a working actor whose Twitter feed doesn’t march in Hollywood leftist lockstep.

Some books he recommended last month:

Pellegrino, who reportedly considers himself a libertarian, likes to open “cans of worms” on Twitter and frequently engages his followers in civil discussions of Objectivism. On Monday, he tweeted a link to an article in The Objective Standard.

Here’s part of an exchange about freedom of conscience, free markets, Obamacare mandates and religious liberty.

Is there suddenly a widespread movement to outlaw the ability to purchase birth control? News to us.


Pellegrino disputes a report (linked above) that he considers himself a libertarian. For the record, he calls himself a classical liberal.