Twitchy brings you “who said what on Twitter,” and today that job was … unfortunate. For the love of all things big and small (and very small), can we please, please tag retweets of actor Seth Rogen’s nude “selfie” with “NSFW”?

In February, Rogen was outraged that his Capitol Hill testimony about Alzheimer’s funding wasn’t taken seriously enough by some lawmakers. He’s since moved on to the serious task of causing a panic run on eye bleach.

On Thursday, he unleashed an explicit sketch of his naked, contorted body on unsuspecting Twitter followers.

No, we’re not including his tweet or the photo of his non-selfie “selfie,” but we’ll give you a work-safe version for context.


If you insist on terrorizing yourself with the original, The Wrap has a copy posted. And if you have even a speck of interest in subjecting yourself to more, you can search for “Seth,” a book of Rogen-inspired, uh, beefcake? drawings by artist Christopher Schulz.

Rogen may have been mocking the celeb selfie-overshare craze (and if it kills the trend, we’re actually kinda grateful), but the selfie was a body part too far for many.


Just be grateful …

Exit warning (because we love our readers): Some people have replaced the Rickroll with this nightmarish human hellscape. Click carefully or risk permanent damage.