Um, what? That didn’t really happen, did it? Oh yes. It did.’s verified Twitter account promoted an interview with Suey Park, the Korean-American activist and writer behind the #CancelColbert and #NotYourAsianSidekick Twitter campaigns. A few quotes from the interview:

Read the whole thing for context.

But we’ll put that aside for the moment to focus on this: Instead of tagging Park with her Twitter handle, @suey_park, the social media editor tagged @Chop_Suey_Park, a parody account. Screen capture via


That’s quite a screw-up.

The tweet from Salon’s verified account was quickly and quietly deleted (with no public apology issued), but this tweet hasn’t disappeared … yet.

@Salon_Politics is not a verified account, but Salon claimed ownership in a 2012 article.

While Park mentioned the tweet that tagged @Chop_Suey_Park, she was more focused on her criticisms of the Salon piece.


Hours later, an apology from Salon for the tweet — an apology that doesn’t mention the specific Twitter handle that was used, natch: