The filmmakers behind FrackNation have now raised almost $245,000 of their $2.1 million goal to finance a film about monstrous abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell. While much of Hollywood isn’t interested in helping this historic crowd-funding effort (or seeing this important film reach audiences), “Hercules” and “God’s Not Dead” actor Kevin Sorbo is urging people to donate, regardless of where they stand on abortion.

From his Facebook page:

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice….doesn’t matter with what this guy did. If you physically saw what he did to babies at birth, you would be horrified. AFTER the mother gives birth to a live, crying, kicking baby, he would then cut their spin at the top of the neck….AFTER giving birth. Please give so this movie can be made. Thank you.

Actors Adam Baldwin and Nick Searcy have also contributed their voices to this campaign to speak for those denied a voice at the hands of Gosnell.

Read more about the campaign here:


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