Got that, GOP men in the Michigan state legislature?

Yes, the deranged diva is back, armed with smiley faces for another all-caps #WarOnPunctuation. Confirmed: Cher is pro-choice when it comes to choosing to humiliate herself on Twitter.

Her rant was apparently set off by a new Michigan law state Dems and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow are calling a “rape insurance” measure. The conscience protection law will require women or businesses who want abortion insurance to purchase supplemental abortion riders.

“PANSY ASS”? Isn’t that racist or something? We can’t keep up.

Just don’t let the nutbaggery convince you Cher is having a “breakdown.” She’s fine, you guys.

So, Cher would rather babies never draw a single breath than use her voice to promote reform of our criminally-bureaucratic, expensive adoption system. Noted. Hey, it’s not like she has the resources to help out.