As a relationship coach, entrepreneur, author and star of MTV’s “Girl Get Your Mind Right” and VH1’s “What Chilli Wants,” Tionna Smalls makes her living being bossy. Her Twitter bio tells the world, “Been on MTV & VH1 but my real life job is being a BOSS.”

So this whole asinine movement to empower girls to develop their leadership skills by banning the word “bossy” isn’t going over too well with Smalls. #BanBossy? Hells no. “B” is for “bite me.”


Uh, yammering about George Zimmerman isn’t going create jobs or put Putin in his place, but we get where she’s going. Enough of this feminist slacktivism.

Smalls doesn’t name names here, but the next few tweets look a lot like she’s smacking around a “certain black couple” whose names rhyme with Jeyoncé and Bay Z.

Smalls retweeted this before returning to her rant.


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