In a blog post about her Facebook page (yes, she runs it herself), actress Candace Cameron Bure described the “dread in my heart knowing I am going to get discouraging comments, even on something as fun and beautiful as a family photo.”

Here are just some of the comments she gets “no matter what I share, what photo I post or what I say.”

  • I’m too religious.

  • I’m not Godly enough.

  • I’m too thin now.

  • I’m not very humble.

  • I’ve had too much plastic surgery.

  • My brother Kirk is a better Christian than me.

  • I’m too worldly.

  • I’m too conservative.

Twitchy has featured some of the hate Bure received for making feminist heads spin with her remarks about biblical submission in marriage. Hey, guess what, whiners:

I’m not trying to please everyone, I only have an audience of ONE. That’s God.

I wont ever stop being the real me to be an illusion of a better but fake Christian version of myself.

Read the whole thing. It ends with this bonus selfie:



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