Ah, yes, the always charming Left. How does Rep. Gary Peters sleep at night?

Michigan mom Julie Boonstra says she was given a 20 percent chance of survival after doctors diagnosed her with leukemia. And then she became a victim of Obamacare.

While battling cancer, she couldn’t keep the plan she liked and filmed an ad about her struggles for Americans for Prosperity. Here’s the story Peters the Bully doesn’t want you to hear:


Obamacare shills say the AFP ad is deceitful and that Boonstra should like her new insurance because shut up. But as The Washington Examiner reports, Boonstra’s costs are now unpredictable and she told Megyn Kelly she is “not better off.”

Media organizations investigating the ad’s claims note that Boonstra was able to find comparable new insurance under the law; the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” blog gave the ad “two Pinocchios” (as compared to four for President Obama’s claim that people could keep their insurance under the law).

But Boonstra, in response, told the local Dexter Leader newspaper that though she has no idea whether she will break even with her new plan, as the fact-checkers claim, the uncertainty of having to restructure her health care while coping with a deadly disease is damage enough.

“People are asking me for the numbers and I don’t know those answers — that’s the heartbreak of all of this. It’s the uncertainty of not having those numbers that I have an issue with, because I always knew what I was paying and now I don’t, and I haven’t gone through the tests or seen my specialist yet,” she said.

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Peters, a Dem Senate hopeful, is reportedly engaging in a campaign of shutuppery against Boonstra and AFP. Calling Boonstra a liar wasn’t enough. His legal team is threatening the licenses of television stations airing the ad, according to a letter released by AFP (PDF).

If you like your free speech, you can keep your free speech. Period.

Once again, the War on Women (and speech) is coming from inside the Democratic Party.



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