That tweet was on February 11 … before Donna Brazile’s latest decision to wallow in a bath of ludicrous.

RIP reality.

If you missed Monday’s mock-fest, here’s what happened: The eternally persecuted Donna Brazile had conservatives gasping for breath after she sent a “chilling” tweet to @BarackObama that stopped just short of “Happy Czar Day, President Awesome!” With Congress in recess, the DNC vice chairwoman declared it “action day” — Obama’s moment to whip out his pen for executive order-palooza.

Congress, schmongress.

And then she came back for more:

Makes total sense … if the “bubble bath your window has a churning wombat skillet.”

Can she top that with a bizarre prom analogy about President Boyfriend? Yes. She. Can.

Note the hashtag here if you can see through the tears of laughter streaming down your face: #bullying.

And anyway, he only wants to “move forward” without Congress because he loves you all so damn much.

Don’t miss The Right Scoop’s imagining of her next tweet, which Caleb Howe made “using a copy of Photoshop I got at my prom.” Also … bullying?


But that doesn’t mean she’s done:

Gotcha! Joke’s on you because the shower curtain’s Frusen Glädjé pants taste like day-old couch zombie.


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