Author Stephen King apparently sensed an “element of palpable bitchery” in Dylan Farrow’s allegations that Woody Allen molested her at age seven. After Farrow’s open letter was published in the New York Times, morally bankrupt writer Joyce Carol Oates decided paying tribute to Allen’s “brilliant” art was more important than the sexual abuse of children.

And of course, the despicable Barbara Walters talked up the accused child predator’s mad fathering skillz on “The View.”

But unlike the entertainment industry’s stomach-turning chorus of perv-pimps, “3rd Rock” and “The Exes” actress Kristen Johnston refuses to kiss the ring of Hollyweird darling Woody Allen. And she won’t let Barbara Walters’ near-deification of Allen slide either.

Johnston also retweeted these tweets.

And hot damn:


We kinda love Johnston’s “pissed off tweets.” We are only human. “Psycho hothead”? Pfft.


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