Sarah Palin’s full Facebook post:


We finally found someone excited about Obamacare! Obamacare is the greatest expansion of big government we’ve ever seen, so of course it also involves the most outrageous examples of waste and incompetence – from billion dollar broken websites to million dollar Richard Simmons live streams. Meanwhile, the government has taken away our health insurance and forced us into worse plans we can’t afford and don’t want. Families with special needs face new taxes, premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed, doctors are quitting, religious civil liberties are trampled on, and the nation heads off the economic cliff. So are you going to just roll over and take it, America? Or will you demand your political representatives (whom you’ve hired) do everything they can to slay this beast of a law? If they won’t, fire them at the ballot box in November.

Meanwhile, a few chosen ones dance in the street or in live streams…

Can things get any more ridiculous? Yes:

Um … the post was about Richard Simmons pimping Obamacare on Covered California’s six-hour #GetCovered telethon. Seek help.


Covered California’s ‘Richard Simmons twerk-a-thon’ tries to reach uninsured millenials