Fox News’ “The Five” gave Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin a well-deserved shout out on Thursday for leading a phenomenal social media win against MSNBC.

MSNBC tweeted a despicable prediction that the Right would “hate” a sweet Cheerios ad featuring a biracial family. Led by Malkin, conservatives used the #MyRightwingBiracialFamily hashtag to share beautiful photos of their diverse, loving families .

“Bravo to those who crushed this bigoted bug so swiftly,” said Greg Gutfeld on “The Five” after MSNBC’s executive editor ridiculously claimed “that’s not who we are” and the network’s president apologized. Gutfeld added, “I’ve got to hand it to Michelle Malkin … I’m tired of outrage. I like action.”

Gutfeld also called the network a “one stop shop for master race-baiting.” Snicker. It’s all in the delivery.

Video courtesy of the RightSightings YouTube channel:


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