As Twitchy readers know, “Criminal Minds” actor and “Gun Stories” host Joe Mantegna is a firearms enthusiast who wants to “keep the Second Amendment out of politics.” He shared this photo of the new engraved pistol his character, David Rossi, used on last week’s “Criminal Minds” episode.

From a September 2013 Outdoor Channel interview with Mantegna:

Michael: You may be changing guns on “Criminal Minds.” Can you talk to that at this point?

Joe: My gun of choice for my character is a government model 1911, because I felt that’s what my guy would carry — a guy who had been around a bit, had some military experience, been in Vietnam. So I’ve been carrying a Springfield Armory, but recently had Cabot Arms, out of Pennsylvania, make me a gun reminiscent of a gun that my character, David Rossi, would carry their version of a 1911.

Twitter verdict? It’s a beauty.

Cabot Guns appreciated the shout out.

The full message via Facebook:

Cabot is honored to receive this acknowledgement for the 1911 used on Criminal Minds last week. Our thanks to Brian Powley for adding the engraving of the character’s name to the pistol.

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