Comedian Aisha Tyler hosted the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday night. In her opening monologue, she attempted a joke about “12 Years a Slave.”

She added, “No it didn’t. Are you kidding me? I drove here in a Porsche today after a white guy made me scrambled eggs. And then he took it downtown. You know what I’m talking about.”

Ready for what sure looks like some blue-on-blue shade?  We can’t help but find Oprah’s reaction delicious. We’re only human.

Vine video:

Full video here.

Check out some of the early (and brutal) reviews of Tyler’s opening flop-fest:

And the fun keeps on comin’:

Tyler’s take on meeting Oprah:


Awww. Seems like the comedian can’t take some ribbing. Shorter Aisha Tyler: “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!11!!”


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