Nikki Sixx explains:

A faint glimmer of self-awareness? Maybe. After a little push from Twitchy.

This morning we told you about the Mötley Crüe bassist’s late-night bashing of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. Sixx lashed out at Robertson, calling him a racist, homophobic “a-hole” for his remarks to GQ.

Unlike Sixx, Robertson wasn’t caught on tape spewing the N-word and “f*ggot.” Some of Robertson’s words may have been what his family called “coarse” and “unfiltered,” but he was simply sharing his religious beliefs and personal experience at the prompting of a reporter. Twitchy readers helpfully reminded Sixx of his big ol’ glass house and he quickly and quietly deleted his tweets.

Sixx’s admission that he’s “been stupid b4 too” came a few hours and a lot of criticism later. Twitchy at your service.

A quick roundup of reaction to his reluctant acknowledgement of hypocrisy:

And our favorite response:


Nikki Sixx quietly deletes late-night attacks on Phil Robertson, but Twitchy is forever!

N-word user Nikki Sixx calls ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson a racist ‘a-hole’ [flashback videos]