Earlier today we told you about some video from 2021 showing Dr. Anthony Fauci going to some Washington, DC neighborhoods with Mayor Muriel Bowser trying to convince more people to get Covid shots. One resident was having none of it and dropped some harsh reality on Fauci and Bowser.

More video of Fauci talking with Bowser shows what the former NIAID director thinks of red staters who didn’t automatically fall in line when told to do so:

“We’ve got to break them of that” seems to be Fauci’s credo. People like him want citizens blindly obedient.

Yep, people like Fauci are quite transparent in their disdain for those who love liberty and despise power-hungry unaccountable bureaucrats.

It’s kind of ironic that Fauci was in DC neighborhoods blaming red state residents for “vaccine hesitancy” when he was getting some pushback in the bluest of blue areas.



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