Oh dear. Apparently Gropin’ Joe Biden really gets around at these holiday shindigs.

Biden didn’t just get up close and personal with The Hill‘s White House correspondent Amie Parnes. He also helped himself to a little of Brooke Baldwin’s personal space.

Veep creep:

Holiday party with the Vice President. (He couldn't have been cooler…) #DC

A photo posted by Brooke Baldwin (@brookebcnn) on

Baldwin says the VP “couldn’t have been cooler.” But as one Instagrammer asked, “Cooler or closer?”

Personal space? Not with Biden around.

He’s the something, all right.

Here’s Biden doing the hand-snake around another woman’s waist a holiday party.


Uncle Joe: For the Women™.

A couple of related flashbacks:

Why was Biden going to “give you the whole load,” again? Oh, right. Because he was “frustrated.”


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