Surprise! It’s the Obamacare marketplace debacle the incurious media aren’t investigating: As the newly uninsured seek assistance with insurance sign-ups, chat reps are as horrendous as ever. Customer service, Obama-style.

When the Obamacare online marketplace kicked off in October, Twitchy told you about several funny (but disturbing) adventures with chat reps. While one rep appeared to cheer Andrew Breitbart in a live-chat session, there was little sign of intelligent life when an O-care chat-bot urged one person, “Don’t run with sissors.” [sic] Another highly-trained chat rep encouraged a customer to try again during “off peek” [sic] hours. And another blamed “poor Internet signals” for Obamacare website woes.

You have to chat it to find out what’s in it. The answer, apparently, is still a big ol’ 1-800-F1UCK-YO:

And before the Left shrieks the predictable talking point, no, it’s not just opponents of Obamacare running into trouble:

Hey,, this guy may be looking for a job: