[Update: @_EatMyTweets13 locked down her Twitter account just before noon ET on Saturday. Twitchy has added screenshots of photos to this post so that they can still be viewed by our readers.]

Think the food stamp system isn’t broken? Meet @_EatMyTweets13.

According to her Twitter feed, @_EatMyTweets13 called to check her food stamp balance earlier this month. She was surprised to learn that she’s still getting assistance and the balance has grown to $400.


Many of our elected officials caw about how food stamp fraud, illegal sale of EBT cards and benefits that exceed need are the stuff of myth. Oh, and of course nasty conservatives hate the poor because they won’t increase entitlements.

But evidently @_EatMyTweets13 doesn’t exactly need SNAP benefits to meet her nutritional needs.


Hey, guys, she’s got a cable bill to pay.


There’s no evidence that this young woman committed food stamp fraud. All we know is that according to her tweets, she receives benefits she doesn’t seem to use. But D.C. pander-bears continue to protect a system in which people who do just fine without food stamps look forward to a taxpayer-funded payday each month.

What else do we know about @_EatMyTweets13?

She has an iPhone. (Service plans don’t come cheap.)





And she likes to use that iPhone to tweet about her surprisingly high food stamp balance.


She has WiFi:


And she seems to have money for weed.




She cranks up her air conditioning like it’s going out of style.



And she likes to hit IHOP, Hooters and TGI Fridays for grub.





So … what’s on her agenda for next week?



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