Lefty author and starry-eyed Obama fundraiser Anne Lamott has so much unfounded faith in President Boyfriend and his Magically Delicious Website, she’s willing to bet that 80 percent — really, eighty percent — of people “will be able to have decent insurance” by the end of November. And every last American will be insured by March.

Even White House press secretary Jay Carney isn’t willing to go that far.

Three weeks after the disastrous HealthCare.gov website launched, Lamott swooned over how “great” it was running.

But repeat after us: It’s not a cult. It’s not a cult. It’s not a cult!

A few flashback tweets from the “Bird by Bird” author just in case you’re inclined to believe she’s being sarcastic in her Obamacare “faith.”

Got that, Benghazi nuts? Forward!