As Twitchy reported, National Journal’s Ron Fournier asked a completely legitimate question about why President Barack “Lincoln” Obama didn’t honor the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address by attending the ceremony.

Hey, guys, who’s up for taking the media to task for asking an actual, y’know, question of the White House? Business Insider’s sneering clown-journo Josh Barro, that’s who:

No need for us to defend Fournier’s oh-so-detestable act of journalism. He did a fine job on his own.

Barro admits he’s an esteemed member of the proudly incurious media lapdog pack.


And there it is. Classy (“Cl” optional):

That didn’t take long. Your self-appointed media betters know what stories deserve to be told.

No joke:



We had to add these tweets from Treacher: