Back in September, the White House was awfully fond of promoting Obamacare with images from the “Adorable Care Act,” a Twitter account created by a former Obama campaign staffer.

Sad Panda was swiftly countered by more realistic photos from Obamacare’s wild kingdom. And some Adorable Care Act pics, like the lab mouse on a swing, turned out to be more prescient than intended. Under Obamacare, we are all lab mice now.

But would you look at that? The Adorable Care Act’s last fuzzy-wuzzy animal tweet was on October 9, little more than a week after’s humiliating launch.

On October 15, @AdorableCareAct complained that a font conversion website was — what’s the word? — glitchy.

Really? That’s the troubled website on your mind? Deflect like there’s no tomorrow!

The account’s most recent tweet, on October 19, was an propaganda retweet.

Since then? Silence. Screamingly loud, oh-so-telling silence.

But wait … was @AdorableCareAct more influential than anyone suspected?