Last week CNN anchor Anderson Cooper shredded suspended MSNBC host Alec Baldwin for “repeatedly lying” about calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag” (or “cocksucking fathead,” according to Baldwin’s expert acoustic analysts). In two now-deleted Sunday night tweets, Baldwin hit back by needling Cooper about his performance … in the ratings.

But the Cooper/Baldwin feud isn’t over quite yet.

Enter @AlecBaldwin, an unverified Twitter account with under 28,000 followers. The account follows six accounts, including two Howard Stern-related accounts.

Alec Baldwin’s official Twitter account, @ABFAlecBaldwin, has over 1 million followers and displays Twitter’s blue “Verified” icon. But that didn’t stop Cooper from replying as if @AlecBaldwin was the real, unhinged deal.

Twitter verdict: Fake account.

Before signing off for the night, Cooper acknowledged that the account was likely fake.

But on the off chance it’s Baldwin using his old handle to troll Cooper, here’s some sage exit advice:

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