On Friday, Twitchy told you about how Craig Thomas, co-creator of the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” wants to “continue evolving as a nation”:  try banning guns “first,” discuss the trampling of the Second Amendment later. His partner, “HIMYM” co-creator Carter Bays, isn’t satisfied with merely banning “assault rifles.” He wants to “ban them more.”

Bays retweeted Thomas’ now-deleted tweet lecturing you dummies about the meaning of the “AR” in “AR-15.”


Is he sure it doesn’t stand for “All the Restrictions”?

B … b … but …

You know what we need? More “imperfect” laws.

Because it’s not like one of those scary guns ever saved a life, right Carter?

Behold Bays’ approach:

Hey, man, this is America. There’s another amendment after the First. What’s it called? Oh, yeah, the Second.