Three cheers for Big Daddy Government and President Lady Parts!

Never mind that under Obamacare, the insured are becoming uninsured. Forget that people are losing their jobs and hardworking Americans are being forced to pay double or triple for health insurance plans with the Obamacare stamp of approval. Because, y’know, freeeeeee pillllllz.


Just “shop around“!

No, no, President Boyfriend assured us that kind of talk is “grossly misleading.”

Hush now. That’s War on Women talk and the cradle-to-grave suckling crowd has heard enough. Trust the Flukenomics majors.

Birth control: “$0.”

The reaction of Twitter’s Sandra Fluke-bots and starry-eyed Julias: Priceless.

We hope saving money on something you managed to pay for without government intervention was worth it, ladies.

Congrats, vagina voters!