Hold up now. If “Sibelius” is Kathleen Sebelius, we’re confused. There are people who want to publicly proclaim their support for the sneeringly dismissive, ridiculously spin-happy HHS secretary? Minds. Blown.

So, what do “Obamacare treats” look like anyway?

If the event in support of “Sibelius” is the same one described in this Facebook post, it’s not a joke. At least, not an intentional one.

11:00 AM to 1 PM. Lafayette Park side of White House. Please announce on your upcoming news shows and websites. Obamacare sweet treats to be passed out to the public to encourage patience and show support for Secretary Sibelius. Obamacare called a gift from God.

Some supporters of Secretary Sibelius as well as members of the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) and medically uninsured and homeless persons will picket the White House on Halloween urging Obama not to fire Governor Sibelius and to show support for Obamacare. Our Picket Signs will read: We Support Mrs. Sibelius and Obamacare; or We Must Pray Away the Capitol Hill Demons of Halloween that Want to Destroy Obamacare-Boehner, Cathy McMorris Rogers, Blackburn, Bachman, Cantor, McConnell, Ryan. Our demon terminology came from Congresswoman Maxine Waters who described uncompromising Republicans in this way in San Diego.

Inspiration provided by Maxine Waters, the role model of winners everywhere.

Check out the full Facebook post for more from Rocky Twyman, the same guy who wanted to “exorcise the demons” in Congress and “deliver Beyoncé  from the demons that are possessing her.”