Take that, all you “homophobic-Tea-Party-slightly-right-of-Hitler-morons.”

Earlier this week, the official Right Said Fred Twitter account knocked Sarah Palin as “dumber than a Stupid’s idiot sister” … while tweeting a link to a bogus story about Palin’s “belief” that Jesus celebrated Easter.

Satire is hard.

According to the group’s website, the account is run by Fred Fairbrass. He was none too happy about being called out.

Well, yeah, that sums it up, Fred(s).


That. Was. Beautiful.


It didn’t take long for Fred to tweet the laughable claim that like Piers Morgan, he totally knew all along that the Daily Currant post was satire.

You see, the tweet about Palin was all an elaborate ploy to draw out ‘Tea Party f*ck-wits.’

Here’s just some of the ensuing meltdown and responses from all those “right-of-Hitler-morons.”

And yet, his pitiful revision of what happened doesn’t get any more believable. But why stop now?

He knew, you dummies. And besides, the Daily Currant piece was fake, but accurate, so shaddup!

Fred: Too sexy for self-awareness.

There’s one insult will not be forgotten.

We’ll let Nick Searcy close this one out: