To support Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Bristol Palin is using Twitter and her blog to curate the beautiful, shining smiles and heartwarming moments that light up so many lives. She writes:

October is for more than pumpkins and trick-or-treating!  This is the month we celebrate people with Down syndrome.  Do you have someone in your family or community who has Down syndrome?  I’d love to hear about their abilities and accomplishments.

So let’s have some fun. I just love seeing photos of all of the great people with Down syndrome, and I’m sure my blog readers would like to be inspired too.

Her mom added to the inspiring collection with adorable photos of son Trig.

From Sarah Palin’s Facebook post:

I’m grateful for those with a heart of love for those who have that extra chromosome; we refer to it as “an extra chromosome of love!” And adding to Bristol’s collection of pictures on her blog during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, here’s one of our boys.

The #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth hashtag is brimming with love and precious moments.

Show your support by tweeting under the hashtag #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth and spread the word to help this worthwhile effort.


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