Oh, come on, guy. That can’t be true. Five minutes to apply for an Obamacare-compliant plan on the disastrous fail of a website?

Chris Edmunds identifies himself as a “certified Obamacare navigator.” Judging by his Twitter feed, he’s also a self-appointed Obamacare flack. On Monday he announced that applications were taking just five minutes on the awesome-sauce HealthCare.gov.

He corrected that tweet 16 minutes later. Whoops!

Five minutes for account creation is a whole lot different than five minutes to complete an application. But not to drooling Obamacare cheerleader (and possible secret composite woman) Tara McGuinness. The White House senior communications adviser uses her Twitter account to gleefully retweet Obamacare “wins,” and Edmunds’ inaccurate tweet was no exception.

Like President ShamWow, McGuinness kinda has a thing for these T-bone 404care “success” stories. Among the false stories she promoted and has yet to retract:

Your tax dollars at work! But hey, what do you expect from a former Center for American Progress exec who ignores insurance cancellation notices and attempts to deflect Obamacare criticism by retweeting childish insults from prog blogger Oliver Willis.

That reminds us: How is it McGuinness still has a job? Wasn’t the new White House line that meddlin’ bloggerz Я dum-dums or something?

We’ll leave Tara with this: