Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, wanted to test the disastrous 404care website, so he hopped on HealthCare.gov and “set up an account with no trouble.” It seems that merely creating an account on the dysfunctional website is considered a rip-roarin’ success by the Obama administration, even if the person with the account is later stymied by errors.

Two White House staffers retweeted Lizza’s “no trouble” tweet from their official White House accounts.

Press secretary Jay Carney:

And senior communications adviser Tara McGuinness (who also promoted the false success story of fake Obamacare buyer Chad Henderson):

A little problem there, guys. Less than 40 minutes after tweeting about his successful account creation, Lizza was defeated by HealthCare.gov. Fancy that! Carney and McGuinness didn’t bother retweeting these tweets:

How’s that for context? The full story doesn’t matter much when you’re using the Chad Henderson standard of success.

Like Obama’s White House flunkies, Touré “selectively edited” the “glitch” tweets out of his celebration of Lizza’s success on “The Cycle.”

As of Friday night, Lizza reports that he is still unable to enroll or view eligibility results.

Lizza even brought Carney’s misleading retweet to his attention.

At the time this post was published, more than half a day had gone by since Lizza called out Carney’s retweet. It has not been deleted or corrected by the press secretary even though he continues to tweet.

And McGuinness is too busy spinning madly to worry about the pesky truth.

She didn’t respond publicly to Jake Tapper’s questions:

Because shaddup! Account created!