This one goes out to all you super brave (read: totally gross) abortion slacktivists who fight The Man with your tampon earrings and projectiles.

That Etsy listing for washable tampons — WASHABLE TAMPONS — has Melissa Harris-Perry’s name written all over it. And they come in threes, so she’s in good shape should the Tampocalypse ever arrive.


The bamboo fabric is higly absorbent, much more so than cotton. This construction allows for ease of separating the lining and the tampon shell for washing, boiling (if desired) and for air drying. The pull string is braided and is part of the construction so it cannot slip. Instructions for washing will be included. What a great way to start your efforts to “go green”. Think of the money you will save as well!

Oh, for the love of all things big and small! And then there are the testimonials:

I don’t normally buy non applicator tampons. I hardly noticed it was there. I didn’t have a problem with leakage. It was easy to take out and very easy to wash. I thought it would take me a while to wash off. But I soaked it, as per your instructions and machine washed and they were very easy to clean off and use again. I am one satisfied customer!

Since you asked: If vanilla doesn’t float your boat, they’re also available in Neapolitan flavor (sorry!)



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